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City Of Evil Rules

  1. _<<<GENERAL RULES>>>__ 1. No Disrespecting Staff Members/Admins. 2. No racism, homophobia comments.. We know trash talking is part of the game but please make it clean and about the game not PERSONAL LIFE ATTACKS. 3. No spamming global chat, you will be muted or kicked from the server. DO NOT cause undue DRAMA in Gen chat you will be muted or kicked from the server. 4. No meta-gaming. (i.e giving away your's/someone else's location OR BASE in GLOBAL CHAT) 5. No sharing other player's personal information in game & discord. You will be kicked from the server. 6. No stream sniping. (watching a player stream the game while you are also in-game to gain an advantage/ kill them no exceptions) 7. No team killing with the intent to boost leaderboard < ONCE AVAILABLE > Coming soon 8. NO meat balling, NO moonwalking, NO wall running, NO glitching, etc.** 9. No loot cycling of any kind. (automatic 48 hour ban) messes with the loot spawn timers. 10. No combat logging. (15min cool down) 11. No griefing player vehicles unless it's part of combat. 12. No advertising of other servers in-game or in discord. 13. If you have a VAC/Game ban within 365 days make a ticket and provide evidence of innocence or you will be kicked from server. 14. GARAGE must be placed at your base location, MAX 2 Garage Meters * IF you place a garage meter YOU must pick it up. NO exceptions.. A Garage will be placed at your base during base verification. 15. Please do not tag multiple staff in tickets if there is no response, we will answer your tickets when we are available. 16. LEAD Admins & ABOVE have the final say regarding any ticket/argument as well as the final decision. 17. Do not lie in tickets. This includes providing false information to staff about a situation or compensation request 18. NO logging out IN Black Market must be 300 Meters out of the area.. 19. It is recommended to be running some type of recording software on standby, in case of an event in which we require video proof which happens to be for most ticket requests. (Video proof is required for all comps) 20. PLAYERS MUST HAVE THE SAME DISCORD NAME AS IN GAME (you can change it in our discord by assigning a nickname to yourself) 21. YOU MAY have as MANY VEHICLES as you WANT ... IF THEY ARE IN A GARAGE AND NOT IN THE OPEN AT BASE LOCATION. 22. DO NOT threaten to DDos ANYONE in the discord or in game, doing so will result in a instant ban with no appeal. 23. If you think a player is cheating DO NOT call them out in text/ game chat. Make a 🔨hacker-report🔨 ticket. Calling them out in chat may result in a temp ban. (edited)

  2. <<<SAFEZONE RULES>>>__ 1. No Griefing/Trolling/Stealing ** I.E. Taking doors/tires of helis or cars in safezone. 2. No following players out of safezone. 3. SAFE ZONE MEANS YOU ARE SAFE. OUTSIDE MEANS YOU ARE NOT PLZ USE CAUTION!! 4. Vehicles are BUY and DRIVE / FLY at your own risk. CRASH, YOU WILL NEED A CLIP IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A COMP, IF GAME RELATED..NOT USER ERROR 5. No leaving vehicles in traders for more than 12 hours. They will be deleted. 7. Do not fly/drive/run to safezone to avoid/during combat or within 15min of combat. 8. NO HOT MIC in Safe Zone.. Music or any other type of None sense.. 24hr Ban 1st offence could be longer depending on what happen.. (edited)

  3. _<<<GƦOUP ƦULES >>>__ 1. Groups can have a MAXIMUM of <15> members. 2. Groups MUST have a designated leader; this makes it easier to contact a group if there are any issues involving that group. 3. Insiding and other clan matters should be handled by the clan. ** Admins will not interfere on clan matters. 4. No running other player's clan tags. (edited)

  4. <<<BASE RULES >>>__ 1. You are only permitted to have 1 base. 2. No Building on main roads 3. No building 500 from SZ. 4. No building within 500m from the outskirts of large/small bases, airfield 500m from cement mixers. 5. Players are not allowed to block off more than 2 vanilla structures. 6. Base should have a valid access point * Bases MUST be raidable...(breaking this rule will open your base to attacking team) 7. You are only permitted to have 8 planter boxes or 4 Greenhouses (Per group) 8. You are only permitted to have 30 CLOSED storage items per base 5 OPEN GUN STORAGE (this includes anything that can store and item) (Open Storage means if you can see the items inside while they are stored, Closed Storage means you cant see the items being stored) For example a gun rack is open storage, a crate is closed storage 9. Bases are allowed a total of 25 Codelock Doors / Gates. ALL DOORS MUST BE 1 WALL LENGTH APART (NO STACKING DOORS.. OR MAKING HIDDEN WALLED OFF ROOMS. ** DOING SO WILL OPEN UR BASE UP COMPLETELY! 10. No Sky Bases/Floating Bases (Bases can have a max of 3 walls in height from the ground and Bases that are built on an in-map structure can have a maximum of 3 walls in height from the top of that structure. MAX 50 Cubes. 11. Water/Sea bases are allowed but they have to be within 1KM from shore. 12. No building a hatch over a hatch or building windows facing SZ. 13. Sharing base codes falls under "multiple bases" 14. NO STACKING HESCO KITS may have Razor wire on top 15. 1 Flag per base (Flag covers 60m radius from placement) 16. 1 garage per base. (edited)

  5. _<<<RAID RULES>>> __ WEEKEND RAID ONLY! ITS RECOMMENDED TO RECORD RAIDS! RAIDING BEGINS (Friday 5:00PM - Sunday 11:59PM CST) 1. Boosting IS allowed (1 Person MAX). Must Raid thru doors/ gates or Roof Hatch access points.. 2. No glitching inside or out of bases. 3. NO taking over bases. 4. NO Logging out in an enemy base that you are raiding. (refer to combat logging in server rules) 5. NO dropping loot on the floor you cannot carry. 6. No GREIFING Base's Vehicle's or Player's.(this INCLUDES SHOOTING tires, BREAKING heli's 7. Logging with loot while in an active raid is NOT allowed. This will get your character wiped. 8. Raid begins when the first door is destroyed. When raiding you may raid as long as you would like and as long as it's needed to gain access... Once LOOTED you must LEAVE THE AREA and not come back for 24 hrs! After 1hr OF NO c4 being set, or 30 min OF no combat, the Defending team has control. YOU must move on and not come back for 24 hrs. 9. Tents NOT with in 100 meters of a Base and Cars CAN BE raided on weekdays. Hacksaw / lockpick only 10. NO DISMANTLING OF ANY KIND 11. DEFENDING team MAY REBUILD if being raided and you Successfully HOLD/PUSH BACK (edited)

  6. <<<ADMIN RULES>>>__ 1. ADMIN ABUSE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!!! 2. All BANS MUST HAVE APPROVAL FROM LEADADMIN OR OWNERS 3. ADMINS MUST CHANGE IN GAME NAME TO PLAY/PVP ON SERVER TO ENSURE ADMIN TOOLS ARE OFF. 4. ADMINS DO NOT COMP RAID TOOLS OR EXPLOSIVES 5. ADMINS may NOT base with PLAYERS 6. ADMINS are NOT allowed to tp ANY PLAYER to ANY ACTIVE PVP LOCATION 7. NO FAVOURITISM allowed to any single player/group (WE SHARE THE LOVE) 8. ADMINS CANNOT INTERFERE WITH PVP 9. ADMINS CANNOT join RAIDING on their OWN or SECOND ACCOUNT under ANY circumstances, BUT can be on their Player Account to Defend A Team if they want to play as a player.. 10. RULES MAY BE CHANGED ANYTIME BY FOUNDER / OWNER 11. All Admins MUST NOT interfere with interaction / PVP 12. ALL Admins MUST pause a raid if it is questionable (if u shoot at them its your own fault)

                          Custom Items

Priority Queue in Server

30 Days = $10

Clothing – Pending

Clothing – Shirts. Pants, Gloves, Boots & Hats = $20-30 depending on the item in question.
Plate Carriers = $20
MVS Heavy Plate Carriers = $30

Custom Weapon Skins – Pending

M200 = $35
M82 = $35
AS50 = $35

Any other gun of choice depending upon the model – Pending

All items made will be placed in traders so all users are able to access the items following the rules of bohemia interactive once approved for monertization

All payments made for custom items are non refundable and please submit a ticket donation-tickets when donating for any of the above.
If you do decide to purchase any items then Thank you and we Look forward to what we can produce for you.

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